what i did

industrial design

ux/ui design
user research

competitive analysis




the result

Through extensive research, ideation, and testing, my team and I designed a "future" concept of Your Daily that offers intuitive navigation, integrates a sense of community, and delivers a personalized user experience.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists both agree that to build proper skin cleansing practices in adulthood, it's better to start at a young age. 'Redd', 'Leo', and 'Blu' are different characters that help make learning about skincare fun and encourage kids to practice everyday.

I've revisited my capstone project for University of Washington's Industrial Design department to further develop, improve, and add my UX insight to the prod

Through illustration, narrative, and interactive packaging, 'redd' teaches children how to wash their face and the importance of taking care of their skin.

project type

solo / capstone

physical product

the current Your Daily web-app:

We conducted 9 interviews to better understand who our target users are, prioritizing finding participants who identify as:

— a woman living with an autoimmune condition(s)
— a woman who cares about personal health and self-care
— someone currently using/has used a health and wellness app
— current user of Your Daily


Users want to be able to reflect on their progression, learn more about their autoimmune condition(s), and feel a sense of belonging within a relatable community.

"In terms of community, feeling seen and heard is very important to me…"

Kaasha, 41

"I use journaling, lessons, and de-stress tools to calm my anxiety, burnout and stress."

Elissa, 70

"I feel like there isn't enough known about autoimmune conditions…"

Lauren, 22

market analysis

Among the 11 different health and wellness apps, common features included mood tracking, journaling capabilities, and a strong sense of community.

Majority of the apps we analyzed did not primarily focus on autoimmune conditions; instead, they had a broader emphasis on general health and wellness.

redefining our target user

Your Daily initially targeted busy working women, specifically C-suite executives in their 30s to 40s, living in bustling metropolitan areas.
This made it difficult to appeal to a younger demographic, as well as be accessible to a wide range of users. Using our research, we created two new personas that better align with Your Daily's business goals and project goals.

Their initial target audience was very limiting and conflicted with Your Daily's overall business goals.

new personas

implement ways to make information about autoimmune conditions more accessible?

create a space for women with underlying health conditions to feel understood and connected with each other?

motivate people to include small yet impactful habits into their daily routine?

how might we

Finding the balance between visual simplicity and inclusivity of Your Daily's content.

The home screen is the first page users see when they open the app. It was a priority to keep the interface free from visual clutter to avoid overwhelming the user. 

I designed a home screen option that incorporated a toggle; This allows more information to be on the home screen without over-nesting, and provides the user easier access to other tools and resources.

home screen ideation

visual design

final design