// format  mobile        // duration  2 weeks        // team  jamie & danny       //  role  ux designer & researcher​​​​​​​
// overview

Ticketmaster has a monopoly on the ticketing corporation now, more than ever after its merger with LiveNation. To combat this, my team and I designed a ticketing app comprised of local venue partners & networks, working together to promote events and sell tickets for a specific city/area. 
Lively is a platform that curates a unique experience for users through building community and promoting transparency. 
//  Ticketmaster
When buying tickets on Ticketmaster, it is assumed that a user knows what artist they're seeing and what show they're going to. Exploration and discovery are not at the forefront of the Ticketmaster experience. After selecting an event, seating and tickets are the first and only things on the screen. 
Before going to checkout, a user is given a subtotal for their purchase. It's noted that there are fees for each ticket, but it is not included in the subtotal amount. It's not until a user is about to place an order that the final total is listed, as well as an "All Sales Final - No Refunds" disclaimer. 
// user research

To kick off our research, we wanted to ask users about their current experience with buying event tickets, both online and in general. We also wanted to know about those who participate in the local music community and how they go about promoting their own events.  I interviewed people who went to events often, and were involved within the local DJ community in  Seattle. 
// competitive & comparative analysis

We did an analysis on several ticketing apps other than TicketMaster to get a sense of features they included. I personally analyzed Eventbrite and Fever.
Both Fever and Eventbrite were primarily focused on location-specific and online events, as well as discoverability of different artists, genres, and events. We wanted to include similar features in our ticketing app. 
// personas + problem statements
Sam and her friends need a better platform to buy and share tickets because the apps they currently use are not transparent with their fees and make transferring tickets difficult.

Leo needs a better way to keep track of all the events he attends because he wants to refer back to his list to contact venues and organizers for his own gigs.
// journey mapping

After identifying features we wanted to implement and creating personas, we created journey maps for both Sam and Leo. This process helped our team identify any pain points that may exist during the process of purchasing tickets online or interacting within the local music community. 
// task flows

//  app map
//  inspiration
//  sketches