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Ticketmaster has a monopoly on the ticketing corporation now, more than ever after its merger with LiveNation. My team and I designed a ticketing app comprised of local venue partners & networks, working together to promote events, sell tickets, and connect the local music community.

Lively is a mobile ticketing platform that curates a unique experience for users through building connections within the local music scene and advocating for transparency.

my team

jamie — ux designer
danny — ux designer

keep up with your current favorites & discover new ones.

Lively curates personalized suggestions based on your favorites and follows.

See what's new and noteworthy on the explore page, where you can search by type of event, artist, and more.

no hidden fees; no surprises.

All Lively prices include fees and taxes, so you know how much you're paying from the get-go — not at the very end.

Proceeds go directly to supporting the app and the local groups that use it.

bringing people together.

Transfer tickets to friends and family with ease.

If you're an artist, producer, or venue, you can start the conversation directly, via email or other preferred platforms.

the problem

The current experience on Ticketmaster is frustrating for both artists and users due to the lack of transparency, discoverability, and community.

For artists, there is no ability to connect and communicate with event organizers and other artists.
For users, there is a lack of personalization and trust in the platform overall.

purchasing on Ticketmaster:

user research

We conducted 11 interviews asking participants about their experiences with attending/buying tickets for local events, other ticketing platforms, organizing events, and/or interacting with promoters.

event goers & ticket buyers

— want to know exact costs, not estimates

clarity/transparency on what 'service fees' are

— easily see updates on their favorite artists, & any events that are happening in the area

artists & event organizers

— be able to contact local venues, artists, & other organizers directly

— more information about the venue

— see updates on other local artists, events, & venues

competitive analysis

Many of the platforms we analyzed were feature rich — they just didn't include a lot of the features our users were looking for.

We analyzed smaller local platforms including Fever and Brown Paper Tickets. Larger platforms we looked at included Eventbrite, Stubhub, and AXS.

Most if not all, excluded features such as the ability to contact venues and organizers, as well as being able to manage personal favorites lists.


There are the people who buy tickets and attend concerts, and the people who sell tickets and put on the show. We crafted 2 personas to represent these main user types.

feature prioritization

My team and I pinpointed features for the app, using the MSCW method for prioritization.

must have

— favoriting artists/venues/events

— event calendars

— service fee disclaimer

— search functionality

— explore & discover events/artists

— venue/organizer contact & info

— ticket transferring

should have

— add to calendar

— event notifications

— sharing event pages

— all ticket history

could have

— incentivised program (rewards)

— chat/messaging capability

— venue seating charts

(must have / should have / could have / won't have )

app map

ideation sketches & inspo

visual design

final design