// responsibilities  ux researcher & ux/ui designer

// timeline  3 weeks        // team  austin & vlada
// client project goals
Your Daily is a personal coaching app geared towards women, that helps them build healthy daily habits towards healing their nervous system. 

- Implement new features: Our client communicated several features they wanted to implement in Your Daily such as community and workshops.
- Refine the organization & structure of information: Users had difficulty finding tools or information they needed due to nesting.
- Improve user retention: The current app does not feel personalized and lacks motivation for the user. 
//  the current web-app
Your Daily is currently a web-based app and is not currently available on the app store. One of the main challenges we faced was reimagining the architecture of Your Daily's content. The Your Daily team communicated that users found it difficult to navigate through the app and access the tools they needed

Because of it's 'simplistic' interface, majority of the content is nested within each other. We were tasked to implement features such as a more personalized experience, workshops, and community.

//  interviews
In collaboration with another team working with Your Daily, we conducted 9 interviews to help better understand who our target users are. We prioritized finding participants who identify as:

- a woman living with an autoimmune condition(s)
- a woman who cares about personal health and self-care
-  someone currently using/has used a health and wellness app
- current user of Your Daily

Users want to be able to see their progression, learn more about their autoimmune condition(s), and feel supported by a community. 
//  competitive analysis 
To gain insight into the health and wellness app market, we conducted comparative analysis on journaling apps, other health and wellness apps, and apps that catered to specific autoimmune conditions.

This analysis allowed us to identify common features and understand how different apps organize information. For our research, our client provided us with a list of main competitors and similar apps. We also looked a few apps that were not on this list. 
// personas​​​​​​​
Margaret is a 42 year-old single mother living with hyperthyroidism. With her busy schedule, she finds it challenging to manage her autoimmune condition and balance the demands of her work and home life
Gianna is a 24 year-old barista living with vitiligo. She often finds social situations at work difficult to handle because of her condition. Gianna is hoping to find resources that can help her manage the mental and emotional aspects of her condition and ultimately, improve her overall quality of life. 
// problem statements​​​​​​​
Margaret needs a way to connect with a community of like-minded women and manage daily stresses and anxieties, because she wants to feel supported and prioritize self-care.
Gianna, who struggles with low self-esteem due to vitiligo, needs a way to express her daily emotions and prioritize her mental health, so that she can improve her overall well-being.
//  how might we...
//  inspiration​​​​​​​
I collaborated with my team to gather inspiration for the design of our version of Your Daily. We drew inspiration from a variety of sources, including calendars, journaling apps, apps with courses, and other health and wellness apps. 
We decided to incorporate rounded corners and lighter colors to create a friendly and calming appearance. We also opted for swipeable cards and pages to save space and organize the large amount of information within Your Daily.
//  sketches
Following our inspiration-gathering, we began sketching the interface for Your Daily. The goal was to present a lot of information in a "simple" and organized manner. To achieve this, we had to carefully reorganize both the information displayed on each page and the pages themselves.

Our client also requested a bottom navigation bar, which added an extra layer of complexity to the interface. My team discussed whether or not to include both a bottom navigation bar and hamburger menu, or just design with one option in mind. The type of menu/navigation would play a crucial part in the organization of the new features and pages.

//  task flows
//  home screen ideation​​​​​​​
During another meeting with our client, they expressed that one of the biggest challenges for Your Daily was finding a balance between simplicity and inclusivity of content.

Since the home screen is the first page users see when they open the app, our client emphasized the importance of keeping it as simple as possible. To address this challenge, Austin, Vlada, and I each designed a home screen and presented each concept at the next meeting. Our client loved different parts of each design and asked us to combine them. Our final design reflects this combination of ideas.
//  implementation​​​​​​​
After the project was concluded, Shawna and the rest of the Your Daily team messaged us with updates on the current app. They are starting to implement some of the features that our team had designed including the home screen toggle, the ability to edit daily habits, and aspects of our mood check-in.